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              Parque Natural Cabo de Gata, Costa del Sol, Andalucia
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Parque Natural Cabo de Gata, Costa del Sol, Andalucia
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Rodalquilar –
something else!

Regardless how long your journey was
and whatever you have seen on other vacations or on the way here – when you reach the mountain pass and view the broad valley of Rodalquilar, which stretches out towards the sea, you can finally breathe in deeply and put time on hold. There is something special there,
a peacefulness, a distance – something which cannot immediately be put into words. Only after some time can these impressions become clearly expressed
as something special, something different.
In Rodalquilar, nature is - with its strong winds and expansive waters – constantly
in motion, where rocky cliffs on the coast or in the mountains seem to have just been torn out of the hillside.
The eternal myriad of colours of the rocks and stones in the mountains and bays make it easy to imagine how volcanic eruptions once created the valley, now calmed, overgrown and covered with blossom after a rare rainfall. As if time has stopped, everything appears silent like it were possible to see silence. Rodalquilar teaches seeing and silence.

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